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The concept of the Awaited Saviour is a fundamental belief in Islam.

Some Muslims believe the Mahdi is yet to be born. Shi’a Muslims, however, acknowledge that he has already been born as the twelfth prince and direct descendent of Muhammad.

Here are four beliefs about the concept of the “Awaited Saviour”:

1. The belief in an Awaited Saviour does not only exist in Islam

Religions around the globe share the concept of an awaited saviour. In Islam, the prophet is Mohammad and the saviour is the promised Mahdi. In Christianity, the Awaited Saviour is believed to be the Messiah Jesus Christ. In Judaism he is a future Jewish king and leader who is believed to be the direct descendant of King David. Buddhism also embraces the concept of an Awaited Saviour; Buddhists await the arrival of the next Buddha, also known as Maitreya, or “awakened one”.

2. The Awaited Saviour will bring order and justice

The Awaited Saviour is a concept that unites many religions in the belief that his arrival will be a catalyst for the creation of the ideal human society. He’s believed to do so by establishing one global government with universal laws of righteousness, through which wars, corruption, and poverty will be eradicated, and justice and equality will be upheld.

the mahdi

3. The Awaited Saviour is a symbol of hope

The concept of the Awaited Saviour is integral to all faiths because it instills hope in humanity. It assures us that there is an end to suffering and that those who are perpetrating wrongdoings will be held accountable. Hope is not only a meaningful part of the human experience, but is essential as part of one’s faith; in Islam, despair is considered to be a major spiritual shortcoming.

4. Awaiting the Saviour does not mean waiting passively

Rather, it means an active awareness of, and dissatisfaction with, the current state of the world and all the injustice and corruption it houses. It means an active pursuit of truth and embodiment of the values that the Awaited Saviour represents. It means to work as a collective society towards the betterment of humanity, which is ultimately the goal of the Awaited Saviour.

As we await the reappearance of the Mahdi, the 12th Imam (ajfs), we aspire to follow the example of the Holy Ahlul Bayt in modeling the ideal society by alleviating the suffering of others, living with compassion, and working towards justice and equality for all.

Samarra, the holy city where Imam Mahdi (ajfs) was born, is a site visited by millions annually. This holy city is home to the shrine of the father and grandfather of Imam Mahdi as well as his mother and aunt. On going work is still being completed to create a suitable place for this visitors of this holy site.

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