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We’re committed to expanding our micro finance projects. We currently have a rickshaw project and a higher education scholarship initiative, both aimed at advancing our sustainable objectives, empowering vulnerable communities to break the cycle of poverty.


Higher Education Scholarships: 

We are supporting the higher education of students in Iraq through higher education scholarships. The scheme aims to provide financial support to Iraqi students for higher education while  integrating a funding recovery model post-graduation. The scholarship allocation is determined based on various majors and covers tuition fees along with maintenance grants for housing and transportation.  
 Donor contributions are sought through standard fundraising and fund matching with corporate sponsors. Student selection criteria include academic merit, financial need, and community commitment, with mentorship and monitoring provided throughout. The funding recovery model entails a repayment structure without interest, based on graduates’ income levels, to ensure sustainability. Program administration will rely on collaboration with Iraqi educational institutions and oversight by a dedicated committee for transparency. Continuous reporting, evaluation, and sustainability plans will be involved, along with communication strategies to promote awareness and donor engagement.

The Rickshaw Project: 

Through this micro finance program, we purchase rickshaws and distribute them to individuals who can use them as a source of income to support their families. Our beneficiaries then make monthly repayments over a 15-month period, at which point they become the full owners of the rickshaw. The repayments are then reinvested back into the program to help support additional families in need, particularly orphan-led households.  
 We believe that this micro-finance scheme will have a positive and sustainable impact on the community by providing individuals with a pathway to economic independence and stability.