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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Zahra Trust founded?

The Zahra Trust was founded in 2008. We are a registered charity in England and Wales, charity number 1129501 and regulated by the Charity Commission.

What does The Zahra Trust do?

The Zahra Trust is a faith-based charity organization that provides humanitarian aid globally; so that people can live self-sufficiently. We provide emergency relief, food aid, medical aid, educational support, water and sanitation services, support to orphans, widows and vulnerable people. 

Does The Zahra Trust hold Ijaza to collect Khums?

Yes, The Zahra Trust holds ijazas from Ayatullah Sistani, Ayatullah Basheer Hussain Najafi, Ayatullah Ishaq al Fayadh and Marhoom Ayatullah Sayed Al Hakim.

Can I sponsor an orphan and get a feedback report?

Yes, you can contribute toward the Orphans and Vulnerable support and education programs and this can support an orphan. We can send a report if requested on the impact that your donation has made. 

Can I fundraise on behalf of The Zahra Trust?

Yes! We’re love for you to fundraise for The Zahra Trust. You can create a page on or contact [email protected] and we can help you set your page up.

How can I make donations?

You can make an online donation here:, or via our app here:  

If you prefer you can make a direct bank transfer (details here) or call and make a donation over the phone on +44 208 452 7565. 

Can I send or give other items (clothes, toys) for donation apart from money?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept any clothing items, medication or toys.

How do you pay for admin costs? Is money deducted from my donation?

Our admin costs are paid for through gift aid donations. If you are a UK taxpayer, then you can tick the Gift Aid box on our donation form or on our website.

How can I be sure my donation is going where it’s needed?

Nothing is deducted from your donation and all proceeds go towards the cause you support.

How many branch/field offices do you have globally?

We have partner offices in London UK, Karbala, Najaf, Toronto and New York.

What areas do you work in?

Our areas of operation are Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq. 

Can I volunteer by joining ZT trips abroad?

You certainly can if you are a medical Doctor, Dentist, Optician, or Nurse for our medical deployments (subject to due diligence checks being satisfactorily completed). For Arbaeen and other occasions you can volunteer by filling in our volunteer application form after which a member of our team will contact you. 

Can I visit or volunteer to work on one of your overseas projects?

The Zahra Trust cannot not send volunteers to projects. Most communities we work with are often in very remote or hard to reach areas, any visit would also require detailed planning, resources and staff time. Although we do encourage people to visit certain areas and volunteer their time for example during Arbaeen at our Mowkeb.

Can I volunteer here in the UK or in other partner offices?

Yes. If you would like to become a volunteer and participate in fundraising, event management, social media support, graphic designing or to spread awareness about our work to other communities through outreach work, then please contact us.

Can I support a particular cause and donate the money to a specific country or project?

We encourage our donors to donate towards the “Where Most Needed” pot as we really like your donations to be ‘unrestricted’. This means that you are not restricting what project or region your fundraising or donations are spent on. It helps us to work more efficiently by reducing our administration costs thus making your money reach more vulnerable people across the globe.

How do I claim Gift Aid on the money I raise?

As a registered charity in the UK, The Zahra Trust can claim back an extra 25 pence on every £1 donation that we receive in gift aid. In order to claim Gift Aid, you need to confirm if the donor is a UK taxpayer and has a postal address, then you can tick the Gift Aid box on our donation form or on our website. Please note that when you make a donation for a specific purpose, the gift aid element which is claimed can be used by us for general purposes including support costs.

Can I set up a standing order for The Zahra Trust or monthly direct debit?

Yes, you can. You can make regular donations to The Zahra Trust by requesting a direct debit/standing order form by post or setting this up in your own banking app/site:

The Zahra Trust

45 Barnfield Road,



or call us on Tel: + 44 (0) 208 452 7565

E-mail: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can fill one online at Our bank details are as follows:

Bank Transfer (Sterling account):

Account Name: The Zahra Trust

Bank Name: Barclays Bank

Sort Code: 20-44-91

Account No: 53681130

Swift Code:  BUKBGB22

IBAN:  GB62 BUKB 2044 9153 6811 30

EU € donations:

Account Name: The Zahra Trust

Currency: Euro

Sort Code: 20-44-91

Account Number: 84081300

Swift Code: BUKBGB22

IBAN:  GB63 BUKB 2044 9184 0813 00

US $ donations:

Account Name: Zahra Foundation LTD

Currency: USD

Bank Name: TD Bank

Account Number: 4306761994

UK Dollar Account:

Account Name: The Zahra Trust

Currency: USD

Sort Code: 20-44-91

Account Number: 78444966


IBAN: GB12BUKB20449178444966