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What is the Iraq Crisis?

Millions of people in Iraq have found themselves in poverty after years of war and unrest. It is estimated that roughly 4.5 million people in Iraq are in need and half of those are children.

42% of Iraq’s population are considered vulnerable; facing a higher risk as they are deprived in more than one of the following: education, health, living condition and financial security.

In 2023, our team has accomplished:

Since the devastating refugee crisis in 2014, 1.5 million people in Iraq remain internally displaced.

Amongst those displaced, children are at greatest risk, with hundreds of thousands being withdrawn from school. These children are also at serious risk of death, injury and abduction.

The number of orphans and widows living on the outskirts of major cities in the most basic of dwellings continues to grow.


Our work focuses particularly on supporting orphans and vulnerable children and women. Female-headed households where the father has either passed away, been killed or are seriously ill, are at great risk of poverty. Children from these households are at risk of facing hunger, being withdrawn from school and entering a recurring cycle of poverty.

By supporting educational and spiritual programmes alongside food aid, water aid and emergency relief, The Zahra Trust works to care for these vulnerable individuals physically and mentally.

This work is only possible through your support.