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Giving In Winter: A Critical Time For Those In Need

“Winter is the best season for the believer,” according to the Holy Prophet (SAW), because “its nights are long for him to pray in, and its days are short for him to fast in.”
The winter season is here and with it comes many opportunities to excel and do good.
Around the globe, winter can be the harshest time of year. For some the long nights bring comfort, however for others it can bring cold and harsh conditions which they are unequipped to deal with. Individuals who may be homeless or who have inadequate shelter may find winter the most trying time of the year. Harsh weather in many regions around the world also means drastic food shortages.

zahra trust winter appeal

Afghanistan has descended into a humanitarian crisis like no other. The food crisis in Afghanistan is getting worse, unprecedented levels of drought are contributing to a growing sense of desperation among many Afghans, aid officials say. The World Health Organization has predicted that 1 million children under the age of 5 in Afghanistan will die of starvation, and another 2 million will be severely malnourished this winter. More than half of the population is already experiencing extreme hunger.

With such a high demand for age, many are being rejected and turned away from distribution centres because they are “not eligible”.
This is because the emergency aid that is coming into the country is “nowhere near enough”1.
But in this process and with this justification, millions of innocent children are starving and dying today.

zahratrust winter appeal

It is now the time to dig deeper and support those in need. Let the warmth of the spirit of this season spark a flame of hope and comfort in the lives of others.

Donate here and help provide relief this winter to the plight of families facing hunger and starvation in Afghanistan and around the globe.