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Donation Process

As a charity working around the globe supporting those in critical situations, we are often asked by our valued donors ‘How do my donations reach those in need?’
Well, hopefully this post will help answer that question and make it more clear!

Needs Assessment and Project Proposal

We work with on the ground partners to assess the most pressing needs of our beneficiaries. By working with partners on the ground who are experts in their local region, we ensure that we are addressing the concerns and needs of our beneficiaries.
If charities do not understand the needs of beneficiaries, they may deliver unsuitable aid, causing further desperation. For example, during the 2016 refugee crisis, mothers received powdered milk but what they really needed were diapers. As a result, mothers have been selling the powdered milk at a fraction of the price simply to buy diapers for their children. As you see, it is crucial that we accurately understand the needs of our beneficiaries so that we can best address those needs.

Board of Trustee Approval and Fundraising

So, our partners carefully complete needs assessments and propose projects to meet these needs of our beneficiaries. This is submitted to our Board of Trustees.
Upon approval from the Board of Trustees, we will set a fundraising goal for our project. Our team works hard to raise these funds throughout the year and especially during peak times of Ramadhan and Muharram. Volunteers play an important role in helping us raise these funds and spread the word about our work to the broader community.


Aid Delivery

After we complete the needs assessment, propose a project, and secure funding by raising money or receiving grants, we are able to deliver aid. More often than not we deliver aid simultaneously with funds being collected to ensure beneficiaries receive help as soon as possible.

Reporting and Monitoring

We track aid delivery with progress reports, media updates, record keeping, and final completion reports. This means we can plan future efforts effectively.

Without funds, none of our work would be possible. This means volunteers and donors are just as, if not more important, to the charity process then even the Board of Trustees because nothing would be possible without them! If you would like to support our work you can donate or get involved!

To donate click here or to get involved visit this page. We wouldn’t be able to without you.