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How has the Yemen crisis affected the children?

For over a decade, countries throughout the Middle East have seen war, disaster, poverty and more. However, unlike the others, Yemen has seen a far worse humanitarian crisis than not only any other country in the region, but the entire world. After years of civil war resulting from increasing levels of food insecurity and unemployment, Yemen has been transformed into the world’s largest and most devastating humanitarian crisis. In 2018, UNICEF reported that over 80% of Yemen’s population is in need, over half of which are children. Children in Yemen are commonly malnourished, fighting disease and internally displaced. Furthermore, on top of food insecurity, over two-thirds of children and their families also do not have access to clean water.

Since the war began, Yemen’s agricultural environment has been destroyed. Accordingly, most of the food supply within the country is gathered through imports. This is one of the reasons why blockades have had such a severe impact on the Yemeni people. Blockades have made it nearly impossible for Yemenis to receive imports of food, material goods, and even international aid since 2015. With the grace of Allah (swt), The Zahra Trust is committed to making a change in Yemen. Our volunteers and humanitarian workers are on the grounds in Yemen and have access to staple foods such as pasta, rice and canned goods, as well as emergency response aid.

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In working towards our goal to embody the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as) and their unmatchable selflessness and charity, we are striving to support those in need but we need your support. Imam Ali (as) narrated, “do not feel ashamed if the amount of charity you give is small, because to refuse the needy is an act of greater shame”. You can help by donating towards food aid, medical aid, or wherever is most needed for our brothers and sisters in Yemen. The Zahra Trust appreciates all efforts taken to help our brothers and sisters in Yemen and across all countries in strife, poverty and famine. As our final Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “a man is not a true believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry.”