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The Zahra Trust Emergency Earthquake Appeal

On Monday the 6th of February, a catastrophic 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southern and central Turkey and western Syria. 

As of today, over 40,000 deaths have been recorded, and more than 100,000 people have been injured. thousands of buildings were destroyed, leaving 13 million people homeless or displaced, with no access to food, clean water, or shelter. 

Sadly, the number of those affected by this devastating earthquake is increasing rapidly day by day. 

Many buildings have collapsed, including apartment buildings and homes, trapping residents and forcing rescue teams to work through the night to search for survivors. The Turkish government has declared a state of emergency in the affected area and has deployed rescue teams, medical personnel, and equipment to the region to assist with the response effort.

The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks, which have hampered rescue efforts and added to the distress of local residents.

In response to this tragedy, The Zahra Trust has launched an emergency appeal to provide desperately needed aid to the victims of this earthquake. The emergency appeal is raising funds to provide food, water, and other critical supplies.

The Zahra Trust is also doing its best to support the victims of the earthquake in Syria, where the country already faces devastation from years of war. Many of these families have endured conflict, disaster, and chronic poverty prior to this event, and are now left completely destitute. 

We’re currently working around the clock to provide relief and to provide comfort to those who have been left homeless. Right now, our goal is to ensure that those affected have access to clean drinking water and enough food to sustain themselves.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with casualties, and The Zahra Trust’s local field team has mobilized to provide urgent assistance following an immediate needs assessment. 

At the Zahra Trust, our mission is to provide “life-saving assistance to those in need, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation, and to protect and advocate for the rights of the vulnerable.”. By coming together, we can make a lasting impact in rebuilding these communities and provide them with the hope they need to move forward. 

Your generous donations will make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this earthquake. These funds can be used to provide food, shelter, and medical care to those affected by the earthquake. Additionally, donations can be used to help rebuild infrastructure and support affected communities in the long term.

Please give generously and help us bring relief to those in need. 

Donate now to help save lives.