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This year, in honour of Eid al Ghadir, The Zahra Trust has prepared a special competition to spread the love and message of Imam Ali (as). Participants will get the chance to win amazing prizes and celebrate Imam Ali (as)!

The competition consists of two parts:

Fundraising Portion:

In this portion of the competition, you will be raising funds for others in need in honour of Imam Ali (as), who was known for taking care of the needy.

  • Participants will create their own campaign.
  • All campaigns which raise over £110 in honour of Amir al Mumineen (as) will be entered.
  • Create your campaign by visiting this link and clicking the button “Raise Money”.
  • The campaign will already be pre-filled for you with an option to add your very own special message.
  • The fundraiser which raises the most funds will be gifted a £500 scholarship towards their education in honour of the Gate of Knowledge.

Creative Portion:

In the creative portion, you can display why Imam Ali (as) inspires you.

  • Participants will make a piece to demonstrate their love for Imam Ali (as) and why he inspires them.
  • Children between the ages of 4-8 should submit an art piece demonstrating this.
  • Children between the ages of 9-12 should submit a poem or lecture about this topic.
  • A winner will be chosen from each age group.
  • Each winner will receive a £50 amazon gift card.
  • Entries should be sent to [email protected]

To learn more access our PDF Fundraising Package with all the details on the competition by clicking on the image below!