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Donate today and bring a little spark of happiness to a child’s heart.

Creating lasting memories and filling hearts with joy

Eid, a time of togetherness and generosity, becomes an opportunity to uplift spirits and create lasting memories for those who may otherwise miss out on the festivities.  

During Eid seasons your donations will be dispersed amongst those most in need across our areas of operation and can also go towards Eid gifts. We often organise trips for Orphans, Widows & Vulnerable; as well as providing haircuts, Eid gifts and clothes.

By facilitating trips on Eid, we not only uplift spirits but also affirm the inherent worth and dignity of vulnerable kids and families, allowing them to partake in the festive spirit with a sense of belonging and hope for a brighter future. Haircuts for Eid allow people to have a renewed sense of confidence and allow them to celebrate the joyous day as per our religious traditions. Providing vulnerable children with Eid gifts is an expression of love, care, and inclusivity during a time of joyous celebration.