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JazakAllah khair for your interest! The deadline for submission has now passed.

In honour of the 15th of Sha’ban, we will be delivering your letters (areeza) to the Sirdab of Imam al Hujja (ajfs) in Samarra.

The following letter will be delivered on your behalf. Please be sure to make your intention for your request (hajjat).

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 

I have written, Oh my master (as) seeking help, and I complain (to you) about what has descended upon me – seeking refuge with Allah (swt) and then with you, from the affair that has taken me by surprise and occupied my heart, and consumed my mind, and has stripped away from me some of my core, and has changed the great blessings of God that is with me, my close friend has left me when it came to me and he dissociated from me when he saw it advancing towards me, my plans have been unable to push it away, and my patience and strength haven’t been able to bear it.  So, I have taken refuge with you in this (problem), and with regard to the request for Allah – I have placed my trust in Allah (swt) and in you, seeking protection from (that which bothers me) – (requesting) about your whereabouts from Allah, the one who brings close, and is the owner of all affairs. I trust you with regards to the speedy intercession (you have) with Him in my affairs and I have certainty in Him answering you with respect to my needs. O my master you are worthy of actualising (what’s in) my thoughts, and honouring the hopes I have in you (with regard to) my affairs/matters. 

Make the intention for your needs. 

In this (the wants) I have no strength in bearing it and no patience, while you are able to (solve it) although it (the situation) is because of my own ugly acts and my negligence of the obligatory acts which are for Allah (swt). So help me, oh my master (as), in my worries and present my wants in front of Allah (swt), before the starting of the calamities, and the mocking of the enemies (of me), for with you (lies) the spreading of the bounties upon me. And I ask Allah (swt) for an honourable victory for me, and a close success which entails me reaching – my hopes, good principles, completion of my acts, and safety from all forms of fearful things in all states. Surely He (Allah) does what He pleases, and He suffices me – the best of those upon whom trust can be placed in the beginning and at the end. 


We pray all your hajjat are granted on these holy days.