Winter Appeal

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Winter Appeal

Winter’s bitter cold can be life-threatening for countless vulnerable families worldwide, especially the 700+ million living in poverty.

We are committed to providing aid to marginalised communities in need of support throughout the year. This winter, our dedicated teams will continue to provide shelter, food, clothing, and fuel to struggling families in our areas of operation.

Join us to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your generous contributions can provide immediate warmth and comfort to those in dire circumstances.

Together, we can help families brave the cold and build a brighter future.

Support Now

Support our Winter Appeal

Share a little warmth this winter. By donating to The Zahra Trust today, you can provide critical care for vulnerable men, women and children. You can save lives.

Support Families in Afghanistan

With families struggling to recover from the effects of war in Afghanistan amongst the ongoing instability, The Zahra Trust is providing critical aid during these winter months. Support families in Afghanistan with emergency shelter, food, clothing, medical aid, fuel costs and bedding by selecting one of our packages.

Build a House in Pakistan

In Pakistan, more than 1.1 million people have been affected by heavy snowfall, torrential rain, avalanches and landslides. Families living in rural areas will freeze to death without adequate shelter. The Zahra Trust is building homes to house vulnerable families.
Help us put a roof over their heads by donating towards our house in Pakistan package.