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Target: £10,000 

Win a FREE Nintendo Switch or PS5/£500! 

(Raise your voice for orphans around the world!
Use your voice to make a difference and help orphans across the world.) 

 The Zahra Trust presents its FIRST Ramadan Quran Competition dedicated to raising funds for orphans worldwide! 

All you have to do for your chance to win these luxury prizes is: 

1- Sign up via the link below 

2- Choose your category
a) Category 1 (4–9-year-olds)
b) Category 2 (10–16-year-olds) 

3- Sit back & recite! 

Our celebrity Quran judge will let you know what to recite & then the mic is yours! 

This is your opportunity to be the one who raised your voice to help those suffering worldwide.