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Across the globe, there are an estimated 25.8 million widows living in severe poverty. This Ramadan, join us in supporting vulnerable women around the globe in honour of Khadijah (sa).

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UN agencies estimate that there are over 3 million widows in Iraq. In Yemen, widows have been described as the ‘weakest victims of war’.

In Afghanistan, it is estimated that there are up to 2.5 million widows. Unfortunately, this trend is seen across the developing world.

Bread winning widows are under immense pressure to put food on the table. For those who are unemployed and have no source of income, the struggle continues on a daily basis to manage the basic needs of their children. The majority of the widows in the regions we serve are unable to work due to cultural barriers and having minimal to no work experience and education. 

The Zahra Trust works to serve vulnerable women and children through financial relief, food assistance, educational support and more, with the objective to bring widows out of poverty and making them self sustainable.

You can be a helping hand for mother in need this Ramadan by donating today.