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Mohammad Taher

Who Are You?

A 25 year old british Iraqi who’s on a mission to show the world a new perspective. My name is Mohammad Taher, by day I’m an engineer who is responsible for Heathrow Airport Aerodrome, but when I’m not at work I enjoyed educating and inspiring people by sharing new and interesting perspectives about the world all around them.

One of my favourite topics to educate about is how personal development philosophies are deep rooted within the Islamic tradition… Oh and Aviation.

What Are you Fundraising For?

As an Iraqi who was born in the UK, I got very lucky. For many of us who now live in the west, we got lucky. Because the reality is, if our parents had decided to stay back home where our ancestors lived, who knows what kind of lives we would be living right now.

Last summer I got the chance to visit Iraq with The Zahra Trust to put my finger on the pulse and understanding the situation first hand. What blew me away was how much of the country still lived in extreme poverty.

In the same way I was lucky and was born in the west, some of these young boys and girls were unlucky, and where born into a world that took their parents away from them.

They grew up orphans, walking from shop to shop asking if they could get any change to help their mother pay their rent, or get food to eat. These families are void of bread winners, they have no consistent source of income and are always praying that God can somehow provide their next meal. So for that reason I have decided that this Ramadhan, I want to raise money for those orphans who have no guarantee of where their next meal will be coming from.


The reason why is simple:

  1. That could have been us.
  2. I’m a believer that when Allah gives us money, it isn’t all for us. He is giving the money to the people who need it, through us.
  3. Considering that these orphans next meal isn’t guaranteed, we could change that and make it guaranteed by supporting them.


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