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The Zahra Trust are joining ‘For Mama’ this Shahr Ramadan
to support vulnerable mothers and children through necessary healthcare

In Pakistan, our team have taken a focused approach to provide a long term solution to the issue at hand by providing comprehensive midwifery courses for women.

This initiative aims to empower women with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to maternal and newborn well-being, creating sustainable solutions and positively impacting local communities. With the help of our partners, Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust, we are also able to provide life changing support to families who are most in need across Pakistan.

It is reported that every two minutes, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. This is a figure that is entirely preventable. One of the major reasons behind such staggering figures is due to financial pressures faced by those living in poverty. The Zahra Trust and our partners have a shared vision to support marginalised communities and uplift them from the consequences of dire financial situations. Through your donations we are able to deliver high quality healthcare to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.


From October 2022 to 2023, our partners were able to treat 22,000 patients in their three hospitals across Pakistan. The total cost for these essential services came to a total of $1,639,747. With your help, we aim to treat even more people across the holy month of Ramadan and beyond.


Facilities and services provided at our partner hospitals include:

  • For Women:
    1. Out patient OB/GYN clinics
    2. Labor rooms
    3. Operation theatres
    4. Prenatal and antenatal care clinics
    5. Fertility treatment centres
    6. Urogynecology
    7. 24 hour emergency
    8. Gynecological oncology center
    9. Breast Health Clinic
    10.Women Health Clinic
    11.Support Services
  • For Children:
    1. Out Patient specialty clinics
    2. NICU
    3. PICU
    4. Pediatric Surgery Center
    5. Child life services
    6. Baby friendly hospital initiative
    7. Rehabilitation centre
    8. Mental health centre
    9. Health education and support programs