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COLOURS OF KINDNESS: Connecting children through letters and art

The Zahra Trust is delighted to unveil a remarkable new initiative dedicated to honouring the event of Ghadir. We invite children from all corners of the globe to participate in this extraordinary endeavour.

By sponsoring an Eid gift for an Iraqi child through a payment of £25, participants gain the opportunity to engage in a heartwarming scheme where they can directly write a letter to an orphan residing in Najaf, Karbala, Yemen, Afghanistan and the middle east.

To amplify the impact of their correspondence, participants are encouraged to accompany their emails with a captivating art piece inspired by the theme of Ghadir.

In this initiative, we aim to forge meaningful connections and foster cross-cultural understanding by uniting children from diverse backgrounds. Through their generous sponsorship and creative expressions, participants can bring joy and comfort to an orphaned child’s life, while also gaining a profound understanding of the significance of Ghadir.

Join us in this extraordinary journey of empathy, compassion, and artistry as we connect young hearts across continents and celebrate the spirit of Ghadir through this inspiring initiative.

Instructions on taking part can be found here. Deadline 4th July 2023