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Karbala Hussainiya Centre for Education & Zuwaar

Education is a right for all, particularly children, and is crucial for not only individuals that directly benefit but for the development of societies and communities worldwide.

Decades of conflict in Iraq has led to an under-investment in education. Teachers and children have experienced great trauma as a result of the conflict which has resulted in displacement and bereavement. It is estimated that a staggering 3.2 million Iraqi children are currently out of school. In addition to this, the number of qualified teachers in the region has decreased in recent years, meaning that those who do attend school may not receive the quality of education that they require. This is of particular concern as children out of school are more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, child labour or recruitment by armed actors.

In addition to standard education, children also require religious and spiritual education to become well-adjusted members of their communities who serve others with their knowledge.

In support of the great need for bridging access to quality religious and education for Iraqi children, we present the Karbala Hussainiya Centre for Education & Zuwaar.

As well as providing education, a portion of the building will contain complete living quarters for those who travel to Iraq for Ziyarat and are unable to afford accomodation.

Based in the Holy city of Karbala, a five-story multi-purpose building is now under construction. Once complete, the building will contain:

Provide free education to children

  • Classes for Talab-e-ilm
  • Rooms for training and workshops to offer vocational education
  • Free or subsidised living quarters on separate floors for zuwaar who cannot afford accommodation
  • A multipurpose hall to provide classes and hold majalis
  • Fresh water and sanitation facilities
  • Kitchens to prepare refreshments for the students and visitors of the building

In order to complete this project, we need you to help us complete this project with your charitable donations.

We will remember the name of each donor who gave to this project and their marhumeen every Thursday evening during the Quran Khwani. For those who donate a large sum toward the project, we will honour them with a plaque and name a floor or hall at their request.

Please give as much as you can for this endeavour which will inshaaAllah benefit generations to come. May Allah SWT accept your donations as sadaqah jaariya and reward you and your marhumeen continuously for your generosity.

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