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Who Are You?

I am a personal trainer and a high school PE teacher for girls. My mission is to educate and empower women and youth to engage in physical activity and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What Are Fundraising For?

Ramadan brings long, difficult hours of fasting which often results in low energy and fatigue…in the West, we have the ability to take time to rest yet we still complain whilst for the widows of Iraq this is not even an option, They spend their days and nights making sure that they can provide, protect and support their orphaned children, all whilst fasting without complaint. I feel such admiration for these strong, dedicated women and so I am undertaking a challenge to be able to fundraise and support them in whichever little way I can..

The challenge I have set myself is to run a total of 100km…whilst fasting. Although this is not comparable to the tiredness these widows may be feeling caring for their young children – without rest, every single day – it will allow me to get a glimpse into how hard it is to be active while fasting.


The reason why I have chosen to specifically fundraise for widows is because although there is much needed emphasis on supporting orphans, there is less acknowledgement for the widows raising them. Without the mothers caring for these children every day, any improvements in their quality of life would not be possible.

These women have no choice but to live in the reality they were given – they push through everyday, for the sake of the children and their children’s futures. They are – to me – the definition of perseverance.

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