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Globally there are an estimated 153 million children who have lost one or both parents.

This Ramadan, when remembering Imam Ali (as), the Father of the Orphans, let us not forget to take a step forward and provide for the orphans in need today.

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UNICEF, revealed that close to 800,000 Iraqi children had lost one or both parents as a result of the continuing instability, political unrest, and ongoing violence that has wracked Iraq since 2003.

In Yemen, there are over 1.1 million orphans. The number of children living in poverty is even greater with 3.7 million children in Iraq, 11 million in Yemen, at least 3.2 million in Afghanistan and more across the globe. 

Orphans and children living in poverty are at great risk of malnourishment, child labour, exploitation, violence and more. Without sufficient support or financial stability, many orphaned children drop out of school to find low-paid, unstable, and manual work. In some cases, they are abused or manipulated into committing crimes.  

The Zahra Trust works to provide support for orphans and vulnerable children through a community based approach seeking to relieve critical struggles which these children face. This includes food aid, clean water and sanitation and essential support. To learn more about our work please visit our page on Orphans, Widows and Vulnerable Children.