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The Zahra Trust has lost a dear and irreplaceable member of its family, our brother Fazal Virani.  

Fazal was a tireless and dedicated member of our family, a true humanitarian and a great servant of the Ahlulbayt (as) who poured his heart and soul into the work that he loved doing. 

We pray that his soul is amongst the beloved Ahlulbayt (as) and that his devoted and loving family can find comfort and patience at this difficult time. 

Fazal’s work over the years improved and saved countless lives. He travelled across the world serving those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Through countless emergencies, Fazal was always passionate that those most in need receive assistance at the earliest and he rallied communities to empathise with the suffering of others so that we could all live in a better and more equal world. 

Fazal will be immortalised by his good deeds and acts of kindness in this life and it is for this reason that we have established a fund in his name; so that we can benefit people in need in his honour and to benefit his akhirah for years to come.  

To share messages of condolences and fond memories you have of Fazal for his family please click here.